Digital Medical simulation

Our vision


Digital medical simulation, which combines the advantages of simulation and digital technology, will transform medical education. The ambition is twofold:

  • From the point of view of teaching: professionals exercise their competencies outside of practice – without putting the patient at risk.
  • From the point of view of accessibility: professionals have the freedom to practice as often as they want, in real time and on the screen of an iPad or a computer, alone or in a team – at near zero marginal cost.

Inventing medical training

Digital medical simulation invents high-frequency training and competency self-assessment, using a unique combination of technical, educational and economic qualities.

Becoming responsible for his or her own development, the professional flourishes, and gains self-confidence. From self-confidence to trust in the doctor, because trust is contagious.

Competency reveals itself in action. It is about knowing how to act in specific situations.

Choosing medical training

In the digital age, for a professional in training or in activity, to train means to:

Our involvement in research

Medusims explores, actively and in partnership, how far teaching with digital medical simulation can go.

The notion of an educational path is at the heart of our training platforms.

Digital medical simulation is inherently educational and innovative.

The purpose of educational research in medicine is not the competence of the caregiver, but what results from it: the access of as many people as possible to quality care at a lower cost.

Would you like to conduct research on the educational effectiveness of digital medical simulators ?

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